Blue Light

blue light logoThe best way to handle an emergency? Stop it happening in the first place.

Our resilience courses are tailor-made for staff and volunteers in the emergency services: Police, Fire, Ambulance and Search and Rescue. They’re for you if you’re well and not experiencing a mental health problem. Over six weeks, you’ll learn ways to stay well while coping with the stresses and strains of everyday life, including the unique pressures that come with your role. It’s important to take care of your mental health. One in four people develop a mental health problem every year, and our research shows emergency services personnel are even more likely to be affected.

A course designed for you

During the course, you’ll build up your own collection of tools and skills for coping better with stress, anxiety, relationship issues, social pressures, and difficult emotions like anger. By finding better ways to cope with these, there’s less danger of them developing into more serious mental health problems. It means you’ve a better chance of staying well, whatever the job – and life – throw at you. The course content draws on our expertise in mental health wellbeing and resilience, combined with input from emergency services staff with first-hand experience of the pressures of the role. Feedback from the first course held earlier this year, has been extremely positive. “I’ve found the course helpful as it has enabled me to understand stress in myself, recognise stress in others and develop coping mechanisms to deal with them.” “I would definitely recommend this course, it is something we all have to deal with at some point.”

How it works

We’re one of nine local Minds organising and delivering the free six-week courses in partnership with the University of Oxford. We’re running each course in two different ways because we want to measure which approach works best – we’ll be asking you for feedback on the course to help us do this:

  • Half of you will have access to expert online information specially devised for emergency services staff and volunteers
  • Half of you will attend regular sessions in person. As well as receiving expert information, you’ll be able to share experiences and solutions with each other

When you sign up, we’ll assign you at random to one of these two groups. That means we can compare the two different approaches fairly. If you want to sign up please go to

If you’d like more information before signing up, or want to discuss participating, contact Emma or Liz on 01384 442938

These courses are part of our Blue Light Programme. We’re supporting the mental health of emergency services staff and volunteers in England, working to raise awareness of mental health, tackle stigma and build resilience.