Dealing with anger

During this short course we look at what makes us angry and the changes that happen in our bodies and thought processes when we become angry.

We discuss various techniques that can help us to respond differently and feel more in control. We work together as a group to support each other to find new ways of responding.

Here are a few comments from people who have been on the course:

“Was really surprised that over the course, I really started to be aware of how my thinking affects my anger triggers and this process has greatly helped me reduce and start to understand my anger. It has made a big difference to my relationship and even at work there been comments that I seem more relaxed.”

“I never realized that it is normal to have all these conflicting feelings at times, thinking a lot of the time that something is broken inside me.  My main issue is I never thought through before what these feelings are and where they are coming from and how it changes my body. How I deal with them was never planned, so things just built up, keeping short accounts has helped.My thinking is so much clearer.”

“These sessions really help; it sets me up for the week”

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