Equal Opportunities

Dudley Mind is committed to promoting equality and diversity in all our services and to give equality of opportunity to our diverse service user and employee group.

Equal opportunities does not mean treating everyone the same – it means recognising people’s differences and adapting the way we work in order to ensure that everyone is given a fair and equal chance.

The organisation will not tolerate direct or indirect discrimination against any person on grounds of race, colour, cultural or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, belief, political opinion or affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, disability, or any other criterion not relevant to the point at issue.

It is also the responsibility of all staff in their daily actions, decisions and behaviour to endeavour to promote these concepts, to comply with all relevant legislation and to ensure that they do not discriminate against colleagues, service users, volunteers or any other person associated with the organisation.

We will:

  • Not discriminate on these grounds in the terms and conditions offered to workers or job applicants. Selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude and ability.
  • Give all staff equal opportunities training.
  • Keep a confidential record of the ethnic origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, age and whether or not they have personal experience of a mental health problem of everyone who applies to us for employment or support.
  • Make sure everyone we work with or who works for us knows about our policy and adheres to it.
  • Not tolerate acts that breach the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy and all such breaches or alleged breaches will be taken seriously and will be subject to disciplinary action where appropriate.
  • Take into account good practice in equal opportunities when we update our policies and procedures.

Dudley Mind is committed to a continuing programme of action to make this policy effective and bring it to the attention of all employees.

A full copy of the equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice policy will be made available to all staff, service users, volunteers, contractors, stakeholders and anyone else we work with.