Growing in The Park – Friends of Wollescote Park

Last Saturday (13th of May 2017) the Friends of Wollescote Park held an event which took place in and around the park grounds.

Dudley Mind’s very own Horticulture Project Manger Jill Hogan (pictured below with the Mayor of Dudley) was also at the event. 

Jill runs an Horticulture Project out of Wollescote Gardens every Monday and Wednesday morning. The Horticulture Project is an ongoing project made up of a number of wonderful, dedicated volunteers who see it as a way of improving their mental health and wellbeing. The volunteers take part in various gardening and maintenance projects at Wollescote park, which range anywhere from planting seeds to putting up fencing and refurbishing greenhouses.

At the event, the project held a make-shift plant shop in and around the greenhouse area where people could come along and buy the plants grown by the volunteers.

One of the greenhouses that had recently been refurbished had been converted into pop up cafe where people could come along and sit down with a cup of tea or coffee. However, due to the weather turning to rain, the band that had come to perform at the event took refuge inside and populated most of the seating area.  

no one minded, of course! The band, The href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Midlands Fretted Orchestra were more than welcome. Many people at the event came to watch them perform as they browsed the plants for sale, drank their drinks and ate their food.

As well as members of the public, the Mayor of Dudley also visited the event. He spent quite a bit of  time walking around, visiting the various stalls and talking to the people running them.

He seemed to enjoy visiting the wollescote great bake off the most, where he chose the winning cake! The winning cake just so happened to belong to Guss, one of our support worker volunteers who helps support Jill on the project.

The event was a massive success for all involved, there was food, music, laughter yoga and fun had by all. Jill managed to sell most of the plants she and the volunteers had grown, raising a total of £529!!!

Thank you to all that attended the event, bought a plant and helped out with the running of it.

Most of all, a massive thank you to Jill and all of the dedicated horticulture volunteers that help make Wollescote Park Walled Gardens the wonderful place that it is and for all the hard work you put into it.