Peer Support *

href=””>self helpSelf help groups are places were people can meet and share experiences . People support each other and share coping strategies with others who experience the same mental health problem.

Groups are confidential and provide a non- judgemental space with no pressure to speak.

What attendees say about the self help groups:

“it’s somewhere to talk openly and without fear”

“People are able to disclose thoughts, discuss things without being judged, and having no fear of wasting someone’s time”

href=””>f help groups chart

“it gives me somewhere to meet people with the same sort of issues, a chance to meet new people and a reason to get out the house”

“It offers support, understanding and knowledge”

If you think you might be interested then why don’t you just pop along to one of our monthly groups.? Please ring Emma first on 01384442938 to see if the group is something that would be helpful to you.

Carlisle Centre is on Victoria St, DY8 1SP next to Aldi on the Stourbridge ring road. There is a car park around the back