Personal Assistant Service


What is personalisation?

It allows you to decide what is important for you to support you in your mental health recovery and wellbeing. It enables you to plan your support according to your personal needs.



What is a personal budget?

It is money from the local council to help you meet your social care needs. With a personal budget, your money can be spent in any way you choose as long as it meets your needs and is legal, affordable and effective, allowing you to live your life to the full.

How can I find out if I can  have a personal budget?

If you have a  Care Coordinator (who will be employed either by the NHS or by the Council) they would be able to advise you if you would be eligible. If you haven’t got a care coordinator you would need to talk to your GP to see if you would be likely to need a care coordinator.  Some people might not be eligible for a care coordinator or even if they have one they might not be eligible for a personal budget. However they  may still choose to buy personal assistant services that support their mental wellbeing from their own funds.

What can a Personal Assistant do?

Anything that may help support you with your recovery and wellbeing. This could be support to attend hobbies or interests, getting out to local activities, managing your shopping, cooking or cleaning, using buses and trains, paying bills and managing money, household tasks such as changing light bulbs, reading gas meters or gardening.

Dudley Mind’s Personal Assistant Service

You will have to decide who you want to deliver the support you need. You can either employ a personal assistant yourself or ask a provider like us to sort this out for you.

If Dudley Mind provides the Personal Assistant for you then we will carry out the employer’s responsibilities for you. All our personal assistants have been interviewed, completed voluntary work for us that is reviewed by people who use our services as well as our staff. They have provided references and police checks, we agree their terms and conditions, organise their payroll, tax and national insurance and arrange holiday and sickness cover. We do not offer personal care as part of this service as we are not licensed to do so.

Our personal assistants will all have regular support and supervision. We will also ensure personal assistants have Mental Health First Aid training and understand their role in helping you to achieve your goals.

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