Dudley Mind teams up with Katie Worthington

Dudley Mind has partnered with Katie Worthington Hair and Cosmetic Tattoo Salon in Childs Avenue, Woodcross WV14 9XB to make people more aware of the issues that can arise from changing appearance and to make sure that this is done for the right reason.  In particular micro blading is not well regulated so this is sometimes being carried out by amateurs who are not able to do a professional job leading to Katie Worthington’s having to try and rectify this.

In particular young people may be drawn to alter their appearance due to celebrity influence and what they identify as fashionable, but fashion can change very quickly and different thickness of eyebrows may suit some people but not others.  Back in the day a black or brown pencil would have been used for this so if you made a mistake then you could start again.  Once you have had the micro blading eyebrows they are there for quite a long time. This can lead to anxiety and stress about appearance particularly if they are not straight or one is different from the other.

We will also be providing some awareness raising for staff so they can support and recognise any mental health issues with clients as the hair stylist or tattooist is often a confidante.

Although this is starting in Mental Health Awareness week our work together will carry on looking at the ethics of cosmetic tattooing.