Food for Thought – A New Adventure for Dudley Mind


Back in 2012, Dudley Mind bought the Carlisle Centre in Victoria Street, Stourbridge as a place to run self help groups for people living in the local area experiencing mental health difficulties.

Shortly after buying the Carlisle Centre, Dudley Mind rented out the café to a private trader during the times it was not in use by Dudley Mind.

This arrangement comes to an end at the end of 2017 and as a result Dudley Mind are proud to announce that we will now be running the café ourselves under a new name ‘Food for thought’.

We intend the café to promote a sense of community, to bring people together, to offer healthy food and to be somewhere that we can put across messages about mental health. “It will take some time to develop it as we want it, and our focus initially will be to get it running successfully as a café”, said Martin Mueller, Dudley Mind’s Chief Executive. “It is a big space, so as well as welcoming all and sundry, we will be putting on craft mornings for parents with young children and other activities that fit with our aims. And best of all we want people to know that the profits from their moccachino or their lunch will support mental health in the local community.”

Food For Thought café will open early in December under the management of Nagheena Qamar.