Why you need to support mental health.

Category: Blogs & Written by Sandra On November-05-2019 13:45:22

During the year there are many different days relating to areas for society to support. Even on World Mental Health day this was 'highjacked' as World Homeless day and World Sight day. In addition there was the launch again of Every Mind Matters albeit in a different variation. All very plausible and important areas for us to consider.
World Mental Health Day which was first celebrated on the 10th October 1992 so for 27 years.
This year it concentrated on one of the most important areas of mental health that of suicide prevention and there are so many people who have been touched by this in some way. This experience is something that never leaves family and friends and during the week I met a mother who had lost her daughter to suicide over 40 years previously and her recollection was still as vivid as when it happened.
The one thing about mental health is that it doesn't matter how many days we have to highlight other conditions if you look closely you will see that mental health impacts on all of them, a physical illness, being given a terminal diagnosis, being homeless.....................................


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