Poetry and Mental Health

Category: News & Written by Simon On December-18-2019 11:28:54

Our Poetry group has been running now for over a year, facilitated by Ximena Holzer, where members meet to learn about different kinds of poetry, and to share their own work in progress.

Recently they have participated in local spoken-word public events in both Dudley and Stourbridge, as well as seeing local performance poets in action. This superb poem about lived experience of depression was written and performed at one of these events last week by a member of our group who overcame huge anxieties about performing. It made a big impression upon everyone there, and led to greater awareness of mental health at the event. Others who also sometimes write about their mental health came forward as a result.

If you would like to join the poetry group please contact Tim at our Head Office. View more information about our poetry workshops and our other groups here: https://dudleymind.org.uk/peersupport.php


  • As I sit, motionless as

  • An unread book, yellowing

  • In slow squares of sunlight

  • Climbing unnoticed across the walls of my life,

  • Like a bus full of orphaned umbrellas

  • The people I should've been

  • Crowd into corners

  • And whisper accusations of daylight

  • I've become a coffee cup ring

  • On the tables edge

  • No longer seen in the treacle creep of time

  • A stopped clock

  • Perhaps considered twice a day

  • A bell unrung, a song unsung

  • Depression, like a jealous lover

  • Guarding my days

  • In luxuriant inertia

  • And the liver twisting pain

  • That makes my desperation vicious

  • A willing Rigby sibling

  • Lonely and bleak

  • As my own Christmas day beach

  • It isn't sadness

  • No. It isn't that

  • Yet as another light fades

  • On the waste of day

  • And the ghosts of me fall silently back

  • Into ranks of selves I've killed

  • My metronome heart ticks stubbornly on

  • Still here, Still here, Still here

  • What now

  • What now

  • Who's next


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