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Being isolated at home can be a difficult thing, especially when you are struggling with your mental health. It is important that you keep a routine going and keep yourself engaged with things to do during this period of isolation.

Below are a few suggestions to help keep yourself entertained and active.


Reading is a great way to pass some time and can help keep your brain active, you can find a lot of 100% free downloadable books online


If it is safe for you to do so, why not spend a little time in your garden? This is a great way to get a bit of exercise and fresh air. As the saying goes, nature is a great healer. If the weather is nice, maybe even sit outside with a book and a cuppa.

Go on a cleaning spree

Cleaning isn’t something that most people enjoy but it is a great way to get a bit of exercise and to burn off some of that built up energy. Maybe you have that one room that needs clearing out, or you have a load of junk in your garage or loft that you have been meaning to sort through but have been putting it off. Now is a better time than ever to get it done!

Listen to some music

Everyone likes listening to music, whether you like a bit of Lady gaga or Beethoven. Get your groove on and turn the music up. Maybe even have a little dance around the house whilst you do some cleaning. Music is great for lifting your mood and will give you that uplift in mood to help you feel better about the day ahead.


How about a bit of exercise using some household items?

Exercise, although not everyone’s cup of tea is a great mood booster which also releases those feel-good chemicals, endorphins, in our brains. Making us feel happy and ironically energised, considering you just spent time wearing yourself out a bit.

Colouring and puzzles

Another great way to stimulate the mind and keep yourself engaged is to do some colouring-in or do some puzzles.

You can do buy Xanax online, or if you have access to a printer you can print some off to do at home by yourself or with your family.



Learn something new

Why not take this time to learn something new? Udemy has a range of free courses covering a wide range of categories.

Take a look a what courses are available here, keep your brain active and learn something new:

Free video calling

You may be isolated from your loved ones and friends during this time. However, there are ways you can all see each other and enjoy some face time together using free video calling across the internet.

Take a look at this guide from BT on how to access and make free video calls to your loved ones.

Socialising online

Stay in touch with others online, learn how to make use of social media and the various different platforms with this guide from BT.

Watching and listening online

Here is another useful guide from BT on how to watch and listen to TV shows and radio online.


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