Bhangra dancing with the Jodi Dancers

Category: News & Written by Simon On March-30-2020 09:59:01

It has been a very strange last couple of weeks for most of us during this strange time in the midst of the Covonavirus outbreak. The government has asked us all to stay at home and isolate ourselves, for many this can be quite distressing and can leave us feeling a bit low and anxious. Not being able to go outside and do the things that we normally do and the lack of exercise can have a negative effect on our mental health. 

We posted last week about things that you can do at home while isolated

This week, we have something a bit different, something that you can all do at home, whether you are alone or with your family.

Jodi Dancers are a local Bhangra group who also teach Bhangra Dancing to may students as a way not only to improve their physical fitness but also as a way to improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

Jodi Dancers have just released a Bhangra Workout video along with tutorial videos of all the moves used in the workout. Why not take this time to give the workout a try? 

Below is the workout video in full followed by the tutorial videos for the moves used throughout the workout. 

If you find that Bhangra is something you enjoy and would like to explore further get in touch with the Jodi Dancers and join one of their classes. All videos and more can also be found on Jodi Dancer's youtube channel.

The workout video

The tutorial videos

Dance tutorial intro 




Side Panjab


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