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People coming together to share their experiences and help support each other is what is known as peer support

The Coronavirus lockdown has had an increased impact on many peoples mental health. With isolation being one of the top contributing factors of mental ill-health, it is more important now than ever to help as many people as we can with their mental wellbeing. 

One of the ways we can do this is through peer support, even just sharing our own experiences with others can help a person feel better and less alone. knowing that someone else understands what they are going through. Sharing with a person about how you cope and the things you do to help manage your mental health can be a real learning experience for them. 

You may have a way of coping that the other person had never thought of trying, you can help others improve their wellbeing and teach them things they wouldn't have otherwise known.

What are the benefits of Peer Support groups?

  • Mutual support in a non-judgemental setting, where confidentiality is respected.

  • An opportunity to talk with other people who have ‘been there’, and willing to share their lived experiences of mental health difficulties.

  • An opportunity to give as well as receive emotional support.

  • Swapping experiences and learning new ways to deal with problems.

  • Gaining inspiration from others and learning from their recovery journeys.

  • Sharing information about mental health issues and local provision.

  • Taking a more active role in health, wellbeing and recovery.

  • Reduction in social isolation.

  • An increase in social opportunities/social circle.

  • Developing new skills.

  • A sense of being in more control of one’s own recovery.

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

At the moment our peer support groups are unable to meet in person due to the Coronavirus lockdown but we do have a number of support groups available if you feel like you would benefit from attending one:

Share your stories with us on social media, let us know what your coping techniques have been during the lockdown and help others improve their wellbeing. 


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