Oliver's Legacy

Category: News & Written by Simon On June-03-2020 09:33:49

To develop a pathway for people who have lost someone who was struggling to manage their mental health and to support anyone feeling unable to cope and not knowing who to turn to, we have started a campaign to raise £1000 - Oliver's legacy.

This is inspired by the mother of Oliver who found her son had passed away on Christmas Day 2019. Like so many people Oliver had his whole life ahead of him but after struggling with mental health issues over several years took someone elseís prescribed medication with a devastating affect.

The devastation Nicola felt after finding him has inspired her to want to support other families and friends who have found themselves in this situation. She found support was not readily available and there was a long wait for counselling.

Thankfully through our volunteer counsellors we were able to offer her some sessions and she wants now to use Oliver's death as his legacy.

Anyone will be able to access support through either group or one to one sessions.

Opening up this subject is vital so that everyone can gain some support. In many societies, mental health is a taboo subject. It is therefore vital that there are different ways people can talk about how they feel

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Valerie Benford

June-08-2020 11:55:42

Makes me stop and think about the waste of life and perhaps the lack of support he was able to get from various agencies. I worry about the mental health of young people during this lockdown - what some of them may be experiencing in a hostile home environment. MIND do a fantastic job but must feel overwhelmed with requests.


June-09-2020 11:45:24

Oliver struggled so hard it was a constant battle he was at war with. An Oliver didn't want to die he wanted HELP off the professional People who let him down time after time. Oliver died trying to take the edge off his constant mental pain which resulted in him losing his life t. This is the reality of mental health he's one of thousands who battle this horrendous disease.

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