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No Change Without Us

No Change Without Us 

A Video produced by three West Midlands mental health charities tackling the stigma and promoting social change amongst Black and Asian communities in exploring mental health support.

  • Birmingham Mind, in partnership with Coventry & Warwickshire Mind and Dudley Mind have collaborated to produce a short video highlighting some of the barriers, stigma and resilience undertaken to promote positive mental health and wellbeing amongst BAME communities across the West Midlands.

  • Staff and volunteers from all three local Minds, talk openly and passionately about their experiences of accessing mental health support and how they seek to ensure that mental health is talked about and embedded within minority ethnic communities.

  • The video highlights the importance of empathy, compassion and cultural connections in order to support and engage with Black, Asian and minorotiy communities.

Birmingham Mind, in partnership with Coventry & Warwickshire Mind and Dudley Mind have produced this wonderful 30 minute video to showcase how three local Mind charities in the West Midlands are promoting positive mental health and wellbeing within Black and Asian communities.

The video highlights a number of themes, Recovery, Engagement, Resilience, Connecting and Inclusions, all of which formulate the importance of valuing social and emotional wellbeing amongst BAME communities.

Each local Mind has a team of experienced wellbeing and intervention workers, working within their locality, to support the engagement of mental health support within minority ethnic communities.  The staff team at all three local minds work to offer effective and inclusive support to all communities in order to help de-stigmatise mental health, providing an opportunity for communities of Black and Asian backgrounds to be supported, listened to and heard.

This video is unique amongst the Mind federation and we have already received some wonderful feedback and praise from our peers in other parts of the country.

The full video can also be viewed & accessed here  


Birmingham Mind is a Registered Charity. We support up to 5000 people experiencing mental health difficulties at any one time. We have a range of residential care homes, supported housing, day services, outreach services and prevention services. We also deliver workplace wellbeing training. 

Birmingham Mind is affiliated to National Mind.

Charity Number: 1003906 


Name:            Rachel McNair (Communications & Marketing Lead)

Phone:            07734 959 984

Email:             Rachelmcnair@birminghammind.org

Coventry & Warwickshire Mind is a Registered Charity. We want to make sure that everyone with a mental health problem gets the support they need and the respect they deserve. This could mean having access to information, a listening ear, or more specialist support and services to help someone to live and recover from their mental health problem.

Coventry & Warwickshire Mind is affiliated to National Mind.

Charity Number: 1003688 


Name:            Simon Northover (Communications & Marketing Lead)

Phone:            07852 010114 

Email:             simon.northover@cwmind.org.uk 

Dudley Mind is a Registered Charity, We are a local mental charity that aims to improve and promote recovery and wellbeing for people living across the Black Country affected by poor metal health. Dudley Mind is affiliated to National Mind.

Charity Number: 1002257 


Name:            Simon Bennett (Communications & Marketing Lead)

Phone:           01384 685062

Email:             simon.bennett@dudleymind.org.uk


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