Like Minds – Activities for Mental Health

Starting September 2017, Adult Education Wolverhampton will be offering free activities to people currently experiencing mental health difficulties.

The free activities on offer are as follows;

Flower Craft for Health & Wellbeing
Art for Health & Wellbeing
Cookery for Health & Wellbeing
Pottery for Health & Wellbeing
Crafts for Health & Wellbeing

Taking part in an activity has been proven to improve peoples wellbeing and mental health. If you feel like taking part in any of the free activities on offer from Adult Education Wolverhampton, please download a copy of the Like Minds Programme for Autumn 2017 here and complete part 1 of the referral form. Once you have filled out part 1 of the referral form you will need to get your GP, practice nurse, health visitor or other health care professional to complete part 2 of the referral form for you in order to qualify for the free activities on offer. 

For more information about Adult Education Wolverhampton and other courses and activities they offer please visit their website here:

You can also visit the Like Minds section of the Adult education Wolverhampton website here:

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By Simon Bennett – 31st of July 2017