Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Workplace event ideas for Mental Health Awareness Week 14-20 May 2018

Here are some event ideas for your business, staff and customers to get involved in this year’s mental health awareness week which focuses on stress.

Take a stand

Have a stand or notice board with information about stress and mental health problems and wellbeing tips which colleagues or customers can take away. Our stress page has some really good information from Mind and the NHS. Why not share our stress page URL ( via your intranet and internal communication channels and website so it’s available to other colleagues and your customers too? 

When I’m stressed … top tips to de-stress

Ask your colleagues to fill out a ‘When I’m stressed note’ (download here) with their tips for reducing stress and relaxing and stick it to your ‘When I’m stress board’. Then collate and share everyone’s ideas with your colleagues and customers. 

Lunch and Learn

Invite your colleagues to a lunch time session to talk about signs stress and mental health problems and how to improve wellbeing. You could provide a basic lunch for your colleagues. We can provide a 30 minute session for a small charge.

Wellbeing walk

Organise a team or company wellbeing walk, a great chance to get away from the office or factory and enjoy some fresh air and gentle exercise whilst chatting to your work colleagues.

Coffee and cake morning

Did someone say cake? Why don’t you and your colleagues hold a coffee and cake event? You could hold it on a Monday morning, making it a great way to ease into the week and catch up with your colleagues.

Stressed out? Speak out! Poster

We’ve created a poster to highlight stress and signpost people to our stress page for more information. Download the poster and display it on your notice boards or other key areas such as kitchen and canteen areas, reception and toilets. 

We hope these ideas will encourage you and your colleagues to get involved in Mental Health Awareness Week 2018.

Don’t forget to let us know about any events you’re organising and share via your social media channels (Our twitter handle is @DudleyMind1 and use #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek).

Please support us! 

As a registered independent local charity, we rely heavily on donations and grant funding to deliver our services. So it would be great if you could encourage your staff to make a small donation in aid of Dudley Mind at any events you organise during Mental Health Awareness Week. Donating is easy – see our donations page for more info. Thanks. 

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