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Welcome to the mental health training & workplace wellbeing section of the Dudley Mind website. This page aims to help you understand the issue of workplace mental health, the business case and outline some of the services we offer to support local employers wanting to take action to improve the mental wellbeing of their employees.

Mental health at work – the issue

According to the CIPD (2016), almost one in three UK employees (31%) will experience a mental health problem, posing a significant personal and business cost.

Each year poor mental health is costing UK employers an estimated £35 billion (Centre for Mental Health, 2017).

Every UK employer, regardless of size or sector, is affected by mental health problems in their staff.

We believe there are both moral and business reasons to promote better employee mental health and create healthier workplaces. It’s the right thing to do and it makes business sense.

Mental health at work  – the business case

Given the impact and cost mental health problems can have on individual employees and businesses, mental wellbeing should be a business priority for every employer, regardless of size or sector.  

As an employer, investing in workplace wellbeing can:

  • Reduce levels of sickness absence, presenteeism, staff turnover, lost productivity and the associated costs of mental health problems at work by at least 30%
  • Increase employee resilience, productivity and performance
  • Enhance your duty of care as an employer and reduce your organisational and legal risk
  • Improve staff morale and engagement
  • Enhance your corporate image and reputation

How we can help

We know better wellbeing means better business and offer a range of cost effective metnal health training and related services for employers in the West Midlands region wanting to improve employee mental health and wellbeing within their organsiations.  

  • Consultancy advice and support
  • Mental health training and workshops for mangers and staff
  • Online employee wellbeing surveys
  • Workplace wellbeing network events

We can also develop bespoke services to meet your specific organisational needs. 

Creating a culture which is positive about mental health starts with a commitment from your senior managers to increase awareness, change attitudes and challenge the stigma of mental health problems.

That’s why as your local Mind mental health charity, we are here to help
employers of all sizes and from all sectors to create mentally-healthier workplaces with information and advice about how to approach mental health at work. 

We see our work with you very much as a partnership. In the first instance, we like to meet with you to find out more about your organisation and what you want to achieve. From there we will draw up a proposal based on your requirements.

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