Peer support

What is peer support? 

There are many different ways to manage your mental health and what works for some people may not work for others. One of the things that people find the most helpful is being part of a group and being around people who understand what they are going through because they are going through similar experiences themselves.

Being part of any group, not just one that is for mental health can have a really positive affect on your mental wellbeing. Mental health support groups differ slightly in that they are groups made up of people who are all diagnosed with a mental health condition(s). Some support groups may be mixed for different types of condition(s) and some are more focused on one such as a group specifically for people experiencing say OCD or depression.

Support groups don’t just have to be meetings where people sit around talking about their experiences, they can also be part of a normal activity such as an art group, gaming group or even a weekly jogging group.

What are the benefits of being in a group? 

Being part of a group can offer you

  • Mutual support in a non-judgemental setting, where confidentiality is respected.
  • An opportunity to talk with other people who have ‘been there’, and willing to share their lived experiences of mental health difficulties.
  • An opportunity to give as well as receive emotional support.
  • Swapping experiences and learning new ways to deal with problems.
  • Gaining inspiration from others and learning from their recovery journeys.
  • Sharing information about mental health issues and local provision.
  • Taking a more active role in health, wellbeing and recovery.
  • Reduction in social isolation.
  • An increase in social opportunities/social circle.
  • Developing new skills.
  • A sense of being in more control of one’s own recovery.
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

Dudley Mind’s peer support groups

Dudley Mind offer a range of support groups run by ourselves as well as groups run by other people. 

1 in 6 Gaming – General peer support group
Bipolar support group
Blue Skies – Social isolation support group
Building Bridges – Anxiety & depression support group
Building Positive Minds – Parents and carers support group
Healthy Minds – Peer support for students of Dudley College
Hidden Treasures – Hoarding support group
Max Headroom – Drama Group
Mom’s mindful Hub – Support group for moms
New Connections – Anxiety & depression support group
The Haven – Post-natal anxiety and depression
What’s Cooking? – General peer support group

If you are interested in joining one of our groups or would like more information about them please contact our peer support Co-ordinator Tim on 01384 442938 or email