Simon Bennett

This is me!

Hi, i'm Simon. After being out of work for around 5 years or so with severe anxiety and depression, I eventually found a voluntary admin placement with Dudley Mind. During my time as a volunteer, I gradually began to take on more and more responsibilities and eventually moved into a paid position where I began my own personal journey into recovery for my mental health difficulties. Currently, my role within Dudley Mind is Project Coordinator.. as well as website developer, social media person (if that is even a thing), Self Management Programme tutor and a mix of other roles rolled into one. My journey has not been an easy one, and it continues to have its ups and downs. The work that Dudley Mind does in the community helps people, like me, who were once lost, but now are found, improve their lives for the better. As someone who knows what it is like to struggle with life and my own mental health, I like to inspire others with my story, letting people know that things will get better and you can heal over time. You should never be ashamed of your mental health and everyone who experiences mental health difficulties deserves to be heard and have access to the support they need.